Planet Fitness Rules And Policies: A Complete Guideline

Planet Fitness is a fitness company that ensures a high-quality environment for its candidates.

Are Gyms Open? What safety rules and regulations should they follow?

Planet Fitness Rules And Policies: A Complete Guideline

Yes, the gymnasiums are open. To follow Planet Fitness safety rules and regulations, people must adhere to the gym dress code, provide a non-judgmental area, age limits.

And age limit, not to damage equipment, respect the privacy of others, morals, ethics, and other policy guidelines.

  What Can You Not Do At Planet Fitness?

There are certain rules a person must follow to become a member of Planet Fitness.

A few rules are given below:

  • You may not misbehave with staff members or employees, or other members. Any form of bias based on regional, racial, or religious backgrounds is prohibited.
  • Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated in the community, and the respondent will be dealt with severely.
  • Judgments based on the gender of any person or body type will not be tolerated in the workplace.
  • Gender identity, gender transformation, transgender status, transgender men, transgender women- all of these will be fully respected, and no one will be despised because of their titles.
  • Everyone will be given a sense of security, and there will be no trouble.
  • The person must comply with the dress code given at the forum.
  • The use of mobile phones to record videos and photographs of others during exercise \ training is strictly prohibited in the gym by the rules provided in the company device use policy.
  • It is not allowed to damage equipment in the gym.
  • Keeping the area clean and tidy and keeping the club area clean as included in the company’s hygiene policy.

The main reason for creating all these laws is to give a calm atmosphere to all humanity to work for ourselves and become a better and healthier society.

 Does Planet Fitness Have A Dress Code?

 Yes, Planet Fitness has released a code of dress based on what a person should wear in the gym.

Examples of approved clothing in our current policies include light gym clothes, full top shirts, casual pants, casual fit, beautiful fabric leggings, clean shoes.

Can I Wear A Sports Bra At Planet Fitness?

No, a sports bra is not allowed in the gym because it seems like a revealing outfit.

In addition, it is illegal to wear tank tops and crop tops.

Women are told to wear shirts that cover their abdomen at least. Any clothing that violates the company’s dress code policy is prohibited.

Are Our Top Tanks Allowed On Planet Fitness?

Tank tops and tank tops are not permitted in the gym. It is permissible to wear basic tank tops that look appropriate and sensible.

What Should You Not Wear To The Gym?

One should not wear such clothes as exposing or highlighting body parts or a piece of clothing that might irritate or offend others.

It is necessary to maintain the peace of mind of others and maintain a calm environment in the workplace.

Some of the clothes banned according to Planet Fitness dress code are:

  • Shiny clothes
  • Dirty clothes or muddy shoes
  • Jeans with prominent grommets
  • The tops of the cordless tanks
What Should You Not Wear To The Gym?
  • Boots or dress shoes
  • Shoes that show a person’s toes are not allowed because the toes can easily be damaged when you exercise
  • Bootie shorts
  • Men’s muscle T-shirts
  • Open-toed shoes or sandals or closed-toe shoes
  • Cotton shirt
  • Clothes with messages that violate anyone’s beliefs or that could damage another person’s dignity.

 Planet Fitness Rules For Covid-19

Planet Fitness makes strict rules to ensure a healthy environment for its customers during a pandemic.

Several new laws were introduced in the previous list to take as many safety measures as possible.

And save everyone from this danger. Some of the most important rules include:

Maintaining Social Distance.

  • You should wear a well-fitted mask in the gym unless you are exercising
  • The utilization of hand sanitizers ought to be supported. 
  • Only a vaccinated person is allowed to enter the gym grounds.
  • A sick person or anyone who feels the symptoms of Covid-19 should not come to the gym.
  • It is recommended that you clean the equipment with antibacterial wipes after using them.

Planet Fitness Rules For Minors

Children between the ages of 13 and 17 will only be offered a Planet Fitness membership if they come with their parents or guardians to ensure the safety of the children.

After parents or guardians register a gym membership, children can come to the gym alone to exercise.

In short, a young person should come with their parents to sign up for a membership contract and begin their eligibility journey to the company.

Afterward, young ones can meet with their instructor to help them get started.

To summarize all that has been said exactly that far, the adolescent ought to bring a parent\guardian to get a Planet Fitness enrollment.

How Do I Transfer My Membership To A Different Planet Fitness Club?

Following are the conditions required for transferring a person’s membership to a separate Planet Fitness Club:

A person must have one place membership for at least three months

Transfer of membership to a different club location is only possible if the person has a monthly membership fee (not annual membership)

The person must have paid their previous payments to the club, and there should be no outstanding payments on their behalf.

Transfer of Planet Fitness memberships only nationwide is possible.

How Do I Log Into My Planet Fitness Account Online?

To sign in to your eligible Planet Fitness online account, you must register using your g-mail.

There you must enter your username and password. The code will then be sent to your email to verify your account.

This way, you can sign in to your account. You must sign up using your g-mail. There you are supposed to enter your username and password.

How Do I Log Into My Planet Fitness Account Online?

A code will then be sent to your email to verify your account. In this way, you can sign in to your account.

You will get access to your details, and you can set your desired goals and data.

You can get a lot of help from this online account service to pursue your fitness goal.

Hence, it is a user-friendly portal, and one can manage his\her account easily.

How Can I Cancel My Membership At Planet Fitness?

A person can get his Planet Fitness membership canceled by physically going to the club.

It is necessary to visit in person to take back your membership. One has to personally go and meet the staff where he signed up for the membership.

Canceling membership online through the Planet Fitness account or by email is not possible.

You are required to go to the gym club and fill the cancellation form.

How Can I Cancel My Membership At Planet Fitness?

If you cannot physically go to the gym for some reason, you are advised to write them a letter stating your issue and requesting to discontinue your membership for Planet Fitness.

Your request will be considered, and you might be charged to drop your membership at Planet Fitness.

Early cancellation of membership might cost you money.

Hence, it is not possible to cancel your membership using your online Planet Fitness account.

How Can I Upgrade My Membership At Planet Fitness?

You can upgrade your membership from Classical membership to Black card membership in two ways, i.e., either by using your account online or by visiting the club personally.

A black card membership is double the price of regular Classical membership.

The particular reason for this is that a Black card offers more services than the other one.

A Black card improves the workout episodes by including hydro-massage beds, body enhancement beds, massage chairs, spray tanning, free t-shirts, discounts on cooler drinks (soda, water, Gatorade).

You can also bring a guest with you every time you visit the gym; it’s guest privileges policy.

How Can I Downgrade My Membership At Planet Fitness?

It is possible to switch from a Black card membership to ordinary Classical membership.

The procedure needed to do so is very simple. You need to visit the franchise in person and talk to the staff about your demand.

These steps can help you make changes to your membership at Planet Fitness.

Since a classical membership is less costly than a Black card membership, you can downgrade your membership and enjoy the vital services at a lower price.

Why Do You Need My Checking Account For A Membership?

Planet Fitness has its strategy of accepting payment by withdrawing money from your bank account only.

You cannot pay cash directly to Planet Fitness. So, to make your overall experience convenient at Planet Fitness.

And to avoid any hazard, this company requires an Electronic Fund Transfer by accessing your account.

Locker Room Policy At Planet Fitness:

The sense of privacy, seclusion, and personal space is the basic right of every being.

Therefore, Planet Fitness has introduced its locker room policy for the trainees. There are independent storage spaces for people.

Every candidate is given his\her locker where he\she can keep valuable goods. The lockers are of variable sizes.

No key is needed to open the cabinet. The lockers work on an electronic dial. You have to dial your code on the roller dial and rotate the knob.

Locker Room Policy At Planet Fitness:

A utility closet is also available to keep stuff. The locker room has specific rules and regulations which one must abide by.

A few important rules included in the locker room policy of Planet Fitness are given below:

  • The facility of the locker is provided to all members of the gym
  • You can put your stuff in the locker only when you are on the gym premises
  • You are not allowed to keep your goods in the gym for more than 24 hours.
  • It would help if you took care of your valuable and expensive items and did not leave them in gym lockers.
  • You must respect everyone’s privacy irrespective of their gender.

 Lunk Alarm – No Grunting Policy

It is an alarm that rings when a lot of noise is being made while lifting heavyweights.

It is a loud siren that catches everyone’s attention and stops the workout.

When a trainee drops or mishandles the equipment at Planet Fitness during his workout or exercise, the lunk alarm will start ringing and make everyone alert.

The act of dropping weights, grunting, and banging the equipment during exercise sessions at Planet Fitness is strictly discouraged, and a lunk alarm is introduced to lessen such practices.

In this way, a person feels a sense of responsibility to take care of the instruments he is using.

Another reason to introduce a lunk alarm is to ensure a highly judgment-free and comfortable zone so that the co-workers might not hear the sound of your grunting.

Instead, the lunk alarm will start ringing.

Final Advice About “Planet Fitness Rules

To summarize, all that has been expressed previously, Planet Fitness gives a comfortable space to everyone to pursue their fitness goals at a low cost.

A healthy lifestyle is necessary not only for physical health but also for mental health. All the rules, regulations, and policies are made in the best interest of the people.

The equipment provided at the gym is great. Planet Fitness has introduced new safety measures, including cleaning stations and contagious cleaning throughout the gym premises.

The dress code policy, the anti-harassment policy, the lunk alarm, the option of upgrading and degrading the membership, the locker room rules.

The legendary customer service, the cleanliness policy, the corporate policy- all of these rules and services ensure the best environment in the gym for both the staff members.

And candidates to facilitate the smooth working of the gym.

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