How Much Does an American Bully Cost? Complete Guide & Truth

American bullies look aggressive and brutal, but they are the friendliest dogs when it comes to owning them.

To have them, you need to know their cost. The average price is between $500 to $800 and $2000 to $5000 if high in quality.

The price depends on the number of factors which have been discussed in detail below.

American Bully Price: How Much Does An American Bully Cost?

According to Online Research:

A high-quality American Bully costs between $2000 – $5000. However, you can pay more or less, depending on the breeder, quality of breeding, and class. American Bullies that are not purebred and have a lesser known bloodline costs for only around $500 – $800.

Good Family Dog-American Bully

They are called guard dogs because of their vicious appearance; although they seem wild, they are loving dogs.

They are kind and patient; in reality, they love to play with children. Like other breeds, they need proper training.

They are the smartest and intelligent breed. If they are being mistreated and being tortured, then definitely they can become violent.

But if they are treated with love and care, they can be the sweetest ones. You treat them with compassion; they will treat you better.

However, they surely do not want other dogs to be around them or strangers; make sure you introduce strangers to your dog. Nevertheless, a bully dog family acquaintance. 

Bite Of American Bullies

American Bully dogs are bred from Pitbull. Pitbull has a nibble power of 235 PSI which is the normal chomp power contrasted with different canines.

American Bully dog’s bite force is 305 PSI which is more than the pit bull. Still, it is considered to be a family dog.

They don’t bite until or unless they are provoked. It is not a situation to bother something like it.

Bite Of American Bullies

Cuddling Of American Bullies

There is a misconception that American bullies have aggressive tendencies, although this is far from the truth.

Despite their angry looks, they are the sweetest dogs one can ever have. The American BullyBully is an affectionate, loving, gentle, and playful dog.

As dogs are known to be one’s best friend, so American Bully Bullies are one of them.

If there is one thing they love the most, it is cuddling.

Cost Of XL American Bully Dog

American Bully dog XL belongs to a variety of hybrid breed dogs. American Bully other names are Bully Pitbull Terrier, American Bully pit, and bully pit. Initially, it was bred in the 1980s and ’90s.

American Bully is a good family friend in the shape of a loving and family domestic. Initially, American Pitbull Terrier.

And American Staffordshire Terrier were bred, resulting in the litter, which was further bred selectively to bring a breed we call American bully dog today.

XL American Bully was named by the American bully Kennel Club and later by United Kennel Club.

American Bully Kennel club has four categories. American Bullies based on their height.

Other factors like weight don’t matter.

The main types of Bully breeds are:

  • Standard: American Bully dog is rather derived from American Pitbull and Staffordshire terrier.
  • Thus, it has both breed characteristics. Standard American Bully dog size is medium-large that features a muscular body and blocky head.
  • At withers, females grow 41-48 cm tall, and males grow 43-51 cm tall.
  • Pocket: Females are 13 to 16, and males are 14 to 17 inches tall.
  • Pocket American Bullies are like Standard American Bullies in their build, body type, and type of breed.
  • The only difference is American Pocket bully is slightly shorter in height than the Standard American bullies.
  • XL: Males are between 20 to 23 inches at the withers and average females 19 to 22 inches at the withers.
  • XL Bully dogs retain similar body types and body builds as standard American Bully.
  • They are hoped to carry a heavy bone structure, muscular body, massive, and bulky build.
  • The main difference with the standard is XL is taller than standard American Bully dogs.
  • Classic: Both males and females have lighter body frames and less overall body mass.
  • However, they do have bully traits which are: blocky heads and heavier bone/ muscle, and compact bodies.
  • They have more bone structure than American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Extreme: They are also known as Exotic Bully. They carry more mass, bone, and substance than the standard American Bully.
  • The average cost of XL bullies is $3000

Factors Impacting Price Of American Bully

American bullies that have lesser-known bloodline or are not purebred cost around $500 – $800. While high-quality American bull costs between $2000 to $5000. American bully is the most dangerous as compare to cavapoo dogs.

However, several factors affect its price, including breeder, bloodline, quality of breeding, and class.

Breeder Status: 

It is not difficult to find top-quality American bullies beyond their threshold price, but it all varies with the breeder you have hired.

If you are working with an exceptional and reputable breeder, the price would be higher.

A reputable breeder is the one who makes sure the dog is healthy and properly examined.

The reputable American Bully breeders bring breed standards.

Breeder Status: 


Its lineage and physical features support a dog’s bloodline and genetic makeup.

Confirm that you obtain line farm dogs meaning appearing of same ancestors several times in four-generation lineage.

These farms tend to produce consistent breeds and quality productions.

Avoid bypassing dog genetics because it is better to spend high on bloodline quality than its supplements and food afterward.


A few bloodlines like Daxline, Remy line, and Razor’s edge should consider while purchasing because these all belong to bloodlines of good quality.

But these well-known bloodlines were found out to be more expensive than non-pure and lesser breed bloodlines.

Breeding Quality:

American bullies with quality bloodlines cost more than the pet quality ones.

Although the pet quality bully is not bad either, they cannot compete in shows or for breeding stock.

There is no harm in spending higher initial costs because there are chances of producing consistent litter in the future for a longer time.

Breeding Quality: 


American Bully has four various breed-type classes that greatly affect the pay while purchasing a puppy.

The preferable class depends on someone’s goals and interests, like someone looking for a show dog or having a breeding concern.

Age And Location:

There are different price ranges for American Bully in the world. These various price ranges. Dog demand varies in these price ranges.

There are some countries in which prices of American Bully are high due to their high demand, while others have low prices because of their low demand.

Puppies tend to be more expensive than adult ones because they need excessive work like spaying, their vaccination, and more care and patience than adults.

Akc Certification

AKC is abbreviated as American Kennel Club, from where American Bullies need to be certified as registered and purebred.

Those American Bullies who are certified from AKC papers will cost more than unregistered ones.

But AKC certification does not give any kind of guarantee that AKC registered dogs would be of good quality.

AKC certification for puppy needs that their parents should be AKC papers registered.

Medical And Vaccine Expenses:

Some puppies are being vaccinated by their breeders before selling.

Thus, those vaccinated puppies cost high as compared to unvaccinated ones.

But the owner must incur all vaccination expenses if American Bully got no vaccination by their breeder.

Also, dogs need a proper check-up from the doctor in case of any sickness, which costs high medical expenses.

 Coat Color And Gender:

Gender is important in affecting American Bully prices. Generally, female Bullies by their breeding prospects make them more expensive.

However, American male Bullies who participate in competitions and shows are also expensive.

Based on their coat colors, American Bullies tend to be expensive because of their supply and demand.

For example, American Bullies, which are tri-colored, have high prices because they are distinctive in colors and have great demand, making them extra wanted.

Prices Of American Bully Maintenance

Even though the dog is easy to cope with as compared to other breeds but still special exercise, maintenance, and nutritional requirements for the dog to keep it healthy.


American Bullies need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep themselves healthy and happy.

This exercise could be done by simply walking or playing with them.

There is a lesser need for exercise for smaller dogs because of their short legs, making them hardly walk 60 minutes.

They require a regular walk a day, mostly in the morning, preferably on various terrains.

Their activity level could also increase by engaging them in such activities, which are high intensity at least once a week.

Chasing, running, and obstacle games are not only helpful in stimulating but also entertaining American Bullies.

American Bully dogs constantly require breeder intention and consume much energy, making them unsuitable for elderly or sedentary owners.


As American Bully does not belong to very furry canines. Thus, shed only a few hairs even during shedding season, fortunately.

They require special care like brushing their hair once a time during the week to keep their coat glossy and smooth.

This less furry American Bully dog needs to be washed once after every 2 to 3 months with the help of a good conditioner and shampoo.

The use of good quality branded detergents is recommended for their washing purposes, preventing skin issues.

Such branded washing stuff for American Bullies increase their maintenance cost, but it is necessary for the health of their smooth coat.

Their dental hygiene is very important, which could be brought about by chomping them frequently over dental chews to maintain their teeth clean and healthy.

Their nails likewise should be managed and checked routinely to keep away from difficult breaking or breaking.


American Bullies have different nutritional demands, which vary with their age.

Pups that are four to about a month and a half old require crude food blended in with some milk or water.

Such mixed liquid foods helped them to digest the raw food easily.

However, when they are eight weeks old, they have already learned to eat food, but still, there must be enough liquid in their foods to keep them hydrated.

Puppies grow quickly from 9 to 14 months and require more proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins for their optimum growth.

They need more calories than adult dogs at this period because they are in the growing stage.

They typically gain their adult height after 14 months, so it’s time to change their food with adult American Bully dog food.

There are following factors that need to be observed while choosing American Bully dog food are given below:

  • The taste which dog would love
  • High nutritional amount ingredients
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Free of fillers food
  • Convenient packaging
  • Use of no chemicals or artificial colors

American Bully Treatment Cost And Common Health Problems

Large breed dogs suffer from joint problems more commonly, and there is no exception of these problems in American Bullies.

These are more susceptible to patellar luxation, which is a condition that affects their knees and resulting bowed legs.

This state gets worsens with time and causes lameness, loss of function, and discomfort.

Treatment of this disease is expensive because it needs to be diagnosed using an X-ray and sometimes also require surgery in case of severe conditions.

Other common health issues to American Bully dogs include cleft palate, joint dysplasia, and cherry eye.

These all diseases are expensive to treat, and some insurance companies also do not offer treatments for specific Bully breeds due to certain assumed aggressive tendencies.

 Feeding Cost Of An American Bully Adult $ Puppy

The nutrition of American Bully remains important in their whole life.

The price of puppy food costs about $2.5, and adult food costs about $20-30, but the type of brand varies the price range.

The dog feeding cost depends on the following factors, which are described below:

  • Activity level: There will be more food required if American Bully has high activity level like such dogs which participate in competitions and shows.
  • But less-active dogs need fewer daily calories to avoid their weight gain.
  • Food type: There are various kinds of high-quality food available in the market for feeding American Bullies like raw diet, wet food, or dry kibble.
  • There are different prices of quality food from high ones which are branded food to the unbranded cheap food.
 Feeding Cost Of An American Bully Adult $ Puppy
  • From above, wet food is the yummiest, the most natural is raw food, and kibble is the cheapest choice.
  • Weight and size: Each food product should have guidelines regarding food amounts that require feeding puppies based on their size and weight.
  • Diet requirements: Every American Bully has varied nutritional needs which should be balanced and complete.
  • Food should have proteins of good quality as the first ingredient.
  • These should also have vitamins, carbohydrates, fruits, and omega fatty acids.

American Bully Insurance Plans

  • For the selection of policy, it is more important to know that how this policy would work for American Bully medical needs.
  • This would help choose the right insurance plan for American Bully.
  • The type of policy that provides maximum benefits to American Bully would be the best choice.
  • This would be useful because it can be claimed several times if a similar health state appears more than once, like dysplasia.
  • Life insurance is also another option for a policy where paying annually for each state appears.
  • This is an expensive policy, but there are fewer chances for paying for the treatment of dogs.
  • On average, the cost of a life insurance policy is $40 each month whereas, the maximum benefit policy is around $36 each month.
American Bully Insurance Plans

Several factors affect American Bully owning prices like their training, medical care, grooming, and food.

That is why, before buying American Bully, you should be mentally and financially ready.

Also, check the breeder before buying to ensure that he is reputable, preventing you from vet visits and health care prices.

Final Advice About American bully price

The average price is between $500 to $800 and $2000 to $5000 if high in quality.

The price depends on the number of factors

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